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2024 High Plains Emmaus Community

Board of Directors



2024 Board Members & Contact Information
Board responsibilities listed below. 
Please contact if needed for specific items including nametags, reunion group hookup, etc.

Group Reunions:  Greg Jennings, Blake Curtis

We have a book that lists reunion groups with days and times they meet.  If you would like info on a group or need to register your group, contact Greg or Blake or register online at


Name Tags:  Donna Mitchell

If you need a High Plains Emmaus name tag, contact Donna at 806-225-7078.  Name tags are $7.00.


Newsletter: Sandi Bergman

If you would like to receive a newsletter or have information to put in the newsletter, contact Sandi. To save costs for the community, please register to receive your newsletter online at


Some Reminders:  We are no longer hosting a potluck after Community. Put your name on your agape for Walks so team members can keep track of what has been received and try to send your agape with team members for early set up the day of the Walk.  Put the pilgrim's full name on their letters. Please support Walks by signing up on the agape sheets and making agape, signing up for the Prayer Vigil, angeling at the ARK and coming to send-off, candlelight and closing.


Data Sheets:  Sherry Best

It is very important to fill out a data sheet to be registered in our community, to receive a newsletter and to be eligible to work on teams.  Data sheets must be updated after working on a team to have the correct information for team selection.  You can now update your data sheet on our website: or call 806-445-4902  or email to


Sponsor Training:  Kylee Berry

Sponsor training is conducted before community meetings at 6:00 pm.   To sponsor someone, you must have gone through this training.


High Plains Emmaus Website: Sandi Bergman

The website address is This is an extremely valuable tool to receive the newsletter, get walk dates, update data sheets, download pilgrim and sponsor applications, and

access information on reunion groups.  We have recently added the feature of having prayer requests on the website.  Contact Sandi for more information.


Team Selection:  Leah Lee, Blake Curtis

Teams are picked at least 6 months in advance.  If you are interested in serving on a team, you must have filled out a data sheet.  Teams are chosen by the team selection committee and the LD for that Walk.  Each Walk is staffed by 1/3 who have “0” walk experience, 1/3 with 1 or 2 walk experience and 1/3 who have 3 or more walk experience. There is some consideration in moving people through a progression to train for the LD position. The team selection committee strives to achieve a balance of different ages, denominations and areas represented in the Community.


Teams should be chosen first from among persons who actively support the Emmaus movement and from those who participate in Group Reunions, Community gatherings and help with Walks by making agape, attending Candlelight and Closing and by angeling.  Above all, the committee should discern individual gifts for team membership and overall commitment to the aims of Emmaus.

Registrars: Sherry Best (Women)
Donna Mitchell (Men)

Pilgrim and sponsor applications can be downloaded off the website. The website is kept current with the updated pilgrim lists. We must have a completed pilgrim application with pastor signature, sponsor application and $215.00 to complete the application. Please use updated forms from the website.

Prayer Vigil:  Leah Lee

Contact Leah Lee at 575-799-1444 or to sign up for the prayer vigil


FACEBOOK PAGE - for information on events in the community, join our facebook page at HighPlains Emmaus-contact info:

Click Here for 2024 Board Jobs

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