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Men's Walk #40

January, 2022

Pilgrim/Team List

Agape List

Prayer Vigil

Prayer Vigil Letter











Kent Ware, Lay Director














Danny Sanders, Spiritual Director

Upcoming Walks

Women’s Walk #56

June 23-26, 2022

LD - Judy Chandler


Men's Walk #40

July 21-24, 2022

LD - Manual Jasso


Women’s Walk #56

September 22-25

LD - Ruthie Huerta

2022 Walks

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Ware, Kent.jpg

Send Off For Walks

Send off for all pilgrims and their sponsors takes place at 3:00pm MST on the first day of the Walk at the following two locations:

Central Baptist Church
Clovis, New Mexico

Muleshoe Cowboy Fellowship
Muleshoe, Texas

Candlelight             8 p.m. CST

Sunday Closing      4 p.m. CST

Walk Archive




  • These lists are built on what information we have. If a name is missing, mislabeled or you find any incorrect info at all, please let us know!! Email corrections to



   Abbreviations Key:

  • LD-Lay Director

  • ALD-Asst. Lay Director

  • TL-Table Leader

  • ATL-Asst. Table Leader

  • MD-Music Director

  • AMD-Asst. Music Director

  • BR-Board Rep.

  • PLD-Past Lay Director

  • AA-Agape Angel

  • PW-Prayer Warrior

  • KA-Kitchen Angel